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Welcome to My World of Drone Photography and Aerial Videography

Updated: Jul 4

Hello and welcome to Epic Earth Videography! Glad to have you visiting. I am excited to share the official launch of our new website!

My name is Damon Fields and I started Epic Earth Videography to use my passion for drone photography and aerial videography to begin helping others in various industries, from real estate and construction to corporate marketing and nonprofits. My mission is to help you in your goal of sustainable growth and success by keeping in sync with the fast paced, ever growing field of drone technology around us. And of course to share stunning images of our world, especially our amazing state of Colorado, like the drone panorama below.

drone photography of sunrise
Drone photography of sunrise from downtown Erie CO

Expelling Fears and Myths About UAV Technology

I would like to use this forum to educate and answer questions about drones for both my clients and the average person who may not be in the business but is curious, by expelling any fears around UAV / UAS technology, while highlighting what it can do for each of us now and in the future. For instance, I have planned several upcoming blogs around the rules and regulations we drone pilots must follow when flying for your projects and the extensive training for FFA certification, along with the top five questions I am asked while flying. Watch for those coming soon.

Sharing Stunning Drone Images and Stories

I'd also like to share some of the amazing stories I've witnessed, which I come across every day while flying drones, so they do not go unnoticed or unrecognized by the world. Some months are full of phenomenal stories and stunning images - too many sometimes to share. Getting a few of the best of these stories and beautiful drone images of Earth and humanity's creativity is my small gift to you. I hope you will come along on this ride with me. Maybe we will learn a few things together, have a few laughs, and be inspired to continue creating.

Shout Out to Other Drone Pilots

I am grateful to my friends, partners and associates for helping me make my dream of entrepreneurship in this field a reality. And I want to give a shout out to my fellow drone pilots, especially those on Instagram and YouTube who give such great free advice and coaching in this field. Their body of work has been immensely helpful to me. Finally, I would like to thank a few companies such as DJI for their awesome UAVs, and Pilot Institute for their amazing drone pilot courses and blog. Not sure where I'd be without them.

Please, feel free to comment, share and ask questions. I look forward to an active online community where anyone reading or commenting will benefit from these posts.

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