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Through the use of aerial photography and drone video we will make the memory of your event as real and captivating as the original moments. Special events can not be captured by just a single angle or point of view. Those days are gone.

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have beautiful 4k imagery, with the capability of obtaining multiple perspectives from different angles and heights and edited with modern videographic tools.

Drone photography or stills can be captured from ground level to 400 feet above the event for a birds eye view of happenings you would never notice from the ground. It magnifies your perspective and creates a greater emotional response from people.

If you do not want camera interruptions or cameras in the way of your audience or in the faces of hosts, presenters, competitors, or others, then drone photography is your answer. Your drone photographer will be maneuvering above the event capturing close up shots, panning, taking orbitals and of course capturing the entire scope of the event. We will even get into inaccessible places from otherwise difficult locations. No climbing ladders, trees or towers, or leaning off a boat or bridge to get the right angle. Let us do it for you without the risk and with greater depth of detail and scope of landscape.

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Pricing & Deliverables
Standard Pricing Packages

Depending on the scope of work and the budget, we have a package to fit every need - with customizable options. All of our video productions are top of the line, high resolution 4k and above.

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