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Events & Marketing

Drone Photography and Drone Video
To Capture Every Detail in Ultra High-Def

Through aerial drone photography and drone video we will make the memory of your event as real and captivating as the original moments. Special events and marketing shoots should not be captured by just a single angle or point of view any longer. Those days are gone. Drone video is hypnotic, fun and truly beautiful!


Multiple Perspectives

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have beautiful 4K Ultra HD imagery, with wide angles and the capability of obtaining multiple perspectives from different heights. Videos can be edited with modern videographic tools for greater post production outcomes. 


Drone photography or stills can be captured from ground level to 400 feet above the event or subject, for mesmerizing birds eye views you would never notice from the ground. It magnifies perspective and creates a greater emotional response from your audience.


Less Invasive

If you want to limit camera interruptions and keep them out of the way of your audience or out of the faces of hosts, presenters or competitors, then drone photography is your answer. Your drone photographer will be maneuvering above the event capturing close up shots, panning, taking orbitals and of course capturing the entire scope of the landscape. 


Faster, Lighter, More Possibilities

Skilled drone pilots can outpace runners, bikers, cars and motorcycles and can even get into inaccessible places from otherwise difficult locations. No climbing ladders, trees or towers, or leaning off a boat or bridge to get the right angle. Let us do it for you without the risk and with greater depth of detail and breadth of circumstances.

A Clear Competitive Edge 

Showcase your products or services with unique show stopping aerial imagery 

no one else has, for a clear competitive edge. 


Stop website visitors in their tracts with interest and successful engagement on your site. Let Epic Earth Videography put you at the top of the competitive content universe. 

small drone organizer

Branding Video Sample 

Town Reveal Sample Video - "Welcome to Longmont"

Nonprofit Organization - Sample Video



Festivals, Chamber Events, Corp. Field Trips, Outdoor Shows and More.

Epic Earth Videography provides drone services for small to medium scale festivals or outdoor events, using aerial photography and video that ensures your memories and marketing needs are met to your specifications. We’re ready to take on your project offering proper planning, safe execution, and spectacular results.



Our professional drone pilots will capture the atmosphere and special qualities of your next fundraising event. With our edited videos and post production aerial stills, you can share the memories of your special cause, add clips to social media and spread your message to reach new audiences.



Sport Facilities and Organizations

We can help optimize your marketing campaigns and showcase your business with aerial photography and video. We service golf courses and a variety of sports facilities to help attract new members, participants and spectators by presenting your facilities in the most visually impactful and visceral experience possible. Nothing compares to the impression aerial photography can make with its high resolution, fast flight or slow motion video capabilities.


Ad Campaigns (Aerial Video Only)

Aerial video can create an entirely new perspective on your organization, helping with brand awareness. You can show the full scale of your campus or add excitement to your existing footage, using fast flying, slow motion, panoramic views, time-lapses or hyperlapse drone video clips. We can help make your product or brand memorable and draw attention to your most important messages. Put us in touch with your ad agency or marketing team, and we’ll help you envision what is possible.

Pricing & Deliverables

Drone Events & Marketing Projects are priced by the hour and are completely customized. Most projects take under 2 hours to shoot and 1 hour to edit. We can deliver Ultra HD 4K and 5.4K resolution, depending on the project. Please see our About Us page for more information on our technology.


Rates depend on the type of project, number of pilots needed, and the types of drones used. Contact us to receive an estimate within the hour.


We offer day rates if the event or shoot will run longer than four hours or needs to be shot over a period of several days. 


We will include any video or image request to your specification and always provide editing and retouching as needed during post production. We can create any number of short video clips for social media upon request. 

Review images and videos from our customer's easy access private Vimeo page, where project is showcased for review and editing, then download from any computer when ready.

Special Note on Permits


In many cases events that are open to the public or in or near a no fly zone or restricted area, need special permits. This may require some advanced scheduling. Please ask us about the location requirements of your special event or marketing shoot, and we’d be happy to give you accurate information regarding the need for any permit, which Epic Earth Videography will be able to acquire for the project.

Please contact us to discuss your special project
and receive an estimate within the hour.
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