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Construction & Roofing

Use Our Skilled Drone Pilots for Fast
Data-Rich Aerial Inspections

Drone video and drone photography can bring fast and accurate data to decision makers like never before. Get detail-rich aerial photos with zoom capability to make informed and actionable decisions.


Stay On Time and On Budget

We  know that monitoring your construction project from breaking ground to opening day is critical to spotting potential problems and staying on time and within budget. From roofing and solar panel projects to large undertakings, such as infrastructure projects or multi-building complexes, drone construction inspection and monitoring is an efficient and cost-effective way to stay on top of it all.


Quicker With More Accuracy

Roofing inspection by drone has become common place for multiple industries, because of it's fast results, without the risk to workers. In the past most aerial views of construction sites were obtained by helicopter photography. This method is costly and time-consuming and can no longer compete with UAVs. A drone’s fast flight time and close navigation on site is providing close-up shots of multiple areas around a site that couldn’t be seen before, bringing the data needed far quicker with more accuracy to decision makers and management teams. 


Epic Earth Videography’s experienced FAA Certified Drone Pilots can fly a mission high above the job site, sending real-time information to the engineers and project managers on the ground, or collect data to provide orthomosaic 2D mapping or 3D models.

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Construction and Roofing Overview -  A sample of various video shots we can take for your projects.

Construction Progress Report Examples

 Roofing and Solar Site Inspection 

A Bit About Resolution


4K video resolution is ultra high-definition (UHD) video that has four times the resolution of 1080p HD video. The Digital Cinema Initiatives standard for 4K resolution in the film and video production industry is 4096x2160 pixels.


5.4K video resolution has 15.8 million pixels, which equates to 91% more resolution than 4K, and an incredible 665% more resolution than 1080p HD video.


We use both. This kind of resolution allows for the highest quality detail and zoom in capability on both our drone video and aerial drone photography. Helping you discover what you need to before it becomes a costly oversight or turns into a crisis.

What We Can Do For You


Our construction progression photography and videos allow you to share work progress with clients and project stakeholders throughout renovations, build outs, new construction and work inspections.This allows you to run your projects more safely and efficiently for the best project outcomes. Some of the services we provide include:


  • Regularly track development and progress with UHD video or 2D maps

  • Conduct comprehensive safety inspections with zoom in capability

  • Conduct quality assurance to ensure compliance with building codes

  • Keep track of job site inventory

  • Take orbital 360 outdoor views of building and site

  • Create 360° panoramas for natural point of view detail

  • Turn data into 3D models to provide a realistic look at the project

  • Proactively identify areas where structural integrity may be a concern

  • Inspect roofing equipment and air conditioners

  • Track construction progress over time (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Package your final results as a showcase for owners/investors

Pricing & Deliverables

We offer rates that are highly competitive. Standard rates are determined by the type of project, square footage of the location or number of targets to be photographed, the number of sessions over time, the types of UAS (UAV systems) needed, and editing time.


We are happy to go over your project in detail, listen to your requirements, and help you decide what will work best to accomplish your objectives.


Below is a sample of a typical Aerial Inspection for three targets over three sessions.



  • Three sets of drone stills for 3 targets

  • Each target with up to 5 angles

  • Three separate sessions (3 time periods)

  • Approximately 15 photos per session

  • Editing, post production and delivery

Total Only = $375


  • $90 per hour

  • 1.5 hour minimum

  • Includes up to 30 minute drive time

  • Raw video clips and/or photographs

Average Shoot = $135



We will include any video or image request to your specification and always provide post production editing as needed. Our process is as simple as having a free consult and getting a quote, scheduling the first session and downloading your deliverables.


We want to make it simple and easy for you to inspect and monitor the progress of your sites.


Partner with us on multiple sites and know what you are getting without the risk of using non certified pilots or out of state companies contracting unseen, untrained, unknown drone operators.


Contact us to discuss your project and

receive a quote within the hour!

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