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Commercial Real Estate

Drone Video and Drone Photography
For Dynamic Showcasing

Showcase Your Property

Epic Earth Videography’s commercial drone packages can showcase any type or size property that you are marketing for a more dynamic and engaging exhibit. We have captured aerial video and photographs for many large retail stores, warehouses, stand alone bank buildings, strip malls, office buildings and new developments. Our fully insured, FAA certified drone pilots are at the ready to serve you.


Choose from high caliber Ultra HD drone photography or sweeping interior and exterior aerial video for a virtual tour experience that no amount of still photos can accomplish. 

Promote Hidden Selling Points

Present to clients, investors, or potential tenants compelling aerial imagery with zoom in detail capability. Identify and promote hidden selling points including anchor tenants, access and parking accommodations. Highlight property locations, popular proximate retailers and nearby highways.

Hassle Free

We offer all in one, simple packages that are hassle free and highly competitive. Every property has its own personality and selling points, therefore we will always customize to your specifications and provide basic retouching as needed during post production.

Are You a Commercial REALTOR or Agent New to
Epic Earth Videography? 

Receive a free ultra high-def aerial video reveal of yourself,

next to your real estate sign or office, to use in all of your social media!

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Retail Space Overview - Sample of various video shots we can take for your listings.

Branding - Sample Clip

Outdoor Mall Reveal - Sample Clip

Attention Grabbing

Grab your viewer’s attention and bring your listing to life! Drone video will show off your property’s best features from every angle with a dramatic cinematic quality that will make potential buyers take notice. Aerial photography gives a dynamic perspective to the property with zoom in capability with our Ultra HD photos and videos.


More Context

We can take captivating aerials of the buildings, highways, surrounding area stores and landscape that adds context to your listing. Allow us to help you make your listing more meaningful by capturing every area of interest investors, buyers, and tenants might have. 


Less Risk and Less Costly

Our Part 107 FAA Certified Drone Pilots are ready to magnify your customer’s perspective and make marketing your property faster, safer and cheaper than ever before. No more helicopters, no more hanging out the door or off a crane to get the desired shot. We can do it with little to no risk and with far better results. Every mission is fully insured and our drones are lighter, faster and smaller with better cameras than anything used in the previous ten years. 

Our Typical Drone Video and Drone Photo Package Includes:

  • 400 foot flyover with surrounding neighborhood

  • 200+ foot images of building and surrounding area

  • Multi-directional views of roads and access points

  • Multi-directional images of surrounding stores, restaurants, etc. 

  • Front scan of building, signage and entrance

  • Birds eye view or orbital of roof 

  • Angular and side views of building

  • 200+ foot images of full scale parking and grounds

  • Individual parking lots, garages, out buildings

  • Street views of access points, highways and roads

  • Special areas or parts of property that need showcasing


Working with us is as easy as selecting your plan, booking your session and downloading your videos and photos. 

Pricing & Deliverables

Depending on the scope of work and the budget, we have a package to fit every need - with customizable options. All of our video productions are top of the line, high resolution 4K and above.

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