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Drone photo panorama colorado winter
About Us

Several Very Good Reasons To Work With Us

Epic Earth Videography is located in Boulder County, Colorado. We are grateful to be able to do what we love each day, and are inspired by the beauty and artistry that UHD drone cameras capture. We are happy to offer our drone service to multiple industries that need skilled pilots and talented aerial photographers. 


Our team has over thirty years of business, marketing, real estate and drone experience. And our owner is our Lead Mission Operator with over 7 years of customer service and UAV/UAS technology training and experience. We do not send out lone contracted pilots for any project. We run every mission. 


Serving the greater Colorado area for events and marketing projects, and the Denver to Ft. Collins area for real estate and construction - Epic Earth Videography is big enough to serve all your drone needs and small enough to give personal attention and care to your important projects.

Benefits of Drone Technology

Drones and UAV technology have improved by lightyears
the traditional manual methods of data collection.
Paradigm Shifting

More data. More accurate. More possibilities. It is the richness of the dataset that is paradigm shifting. The combination of the drones mobility and automated data collection makes it much easier to gather a broad range of data points from almost any location, while magnifying the perspective. This magnification can be either direction, from zooming inward toward an object on a UHD still photo or in altitude to catch the broad view of the entire scope of the environment. The result is a more comprehensive and informative photo, video, map or assessment.

Labor Saving

Labor reduction in some applications can be substantial. If you don’t have to send a team of workers to manually collect data across a vast parcel of land or up a tall structure, such as a tower, you can reduce overall labor required by 50% to 80%. Many surveys, inspections, and other data collection functions require workers to place themselves in hazardous situations, but drones remove this risk completely. Insurance is greatly reduced as well when using UAV technology for these projects.

Time Saving

Drones can collect multiple types of data at once, and will collect more data faster by capturing more visuals per second than human operators can typically capture in a minute. They can also collect data on different parcels of land simultaneously, especially from higher altitudes. For example, it can take a technician inspecting a small 5MW solar farm over 120 man hours. The flight time completion by drone would be under 3 hours, with the ability to zoom in to any anomaly for deeper inspection a dozen times if needed.

Cost Saving

Drone data collection is less expensive than its manual alternatives. Even the typical interior virtual tour for real estate by drone is three times faster and less expensive than the old single snap-shot photo sessions. Both time and labor savings translate directly into cost efficiencies. A series of trials found that drones were 40% less expensive than manual solar inspections. Additional cost savings comes from identifying problems and maintenance issues before they turn into a costly repair. 

Our Process

Epic Earth Videography provides technology solutions and services for aerial data acquisition. Epic Earth Videography is not a state-licensed professional engineering or land surveying firm, and its employees are not state-licensed professional engineers or land surveyors. All content on this website including text, graphics, images, and other material is intended for general information only. This content is not applicable to any specific context or condition. It is not a substitute for state-licensed professional engineering or land surveying services, or an offer to provide such services.

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